Traditional Scottish Food Worth Eating in Edinburgh

cullen skink

Edinburgh is a beautiful city which epitomises all things Scotland, from it’s excellent Scottish pubs to its rich historical links to the country. It’s a city with plenty to do, that’s for sure. 

One part of Edinburgh – and Scotland in general – that can be slightly ignored is its cuisine. There’s some excellent traditional food well worth trying once you get to Scotland’s capital city. So, to help you find it, we thought we’d go through the traditional Scottish food you simply have to try when in Edinburgh.

The tourist population in the city generally visit the sights, such as Edinburgh Castle and Arthur’s Seat, alongside taking in vibrant settings like Summerhall, coupled with the option of visiting one of Edinburgh’s excellent bars or casinos, where you can replicate games like the blackjack available online at in real life. If that isn’t your thing, then you might fancy taking in some live music at Sneaky Pete’s. Essentially, there’s something for everyone in Edinburgh.

Cullen Skink

If you go anywhere in Scotland, Cullen Skink is a popular dish. It’s a huge part of history. But Edinburgh arguably does it best. Hailing from a little farther north in Scotland, Cullen Skink is a deliciously creamy and sumptuous soup made with smoked fish (usually haddock) and accompanied by some crusty bread and a beverage. Together it really is a match made in heaven. 

Scotch Eggs 

You can’t beat a Scotch egg, can you? A trendy bar snack in some parts now, Scotch eggs have been a staple in Scotland for centuries. A hard-boiled egg wrapped in seasoned pork, and then deep-fried, a Scott egg is simply delicious with a drink or two. Despite originally being created for the whole of the United Kingdom, Scotch eggs have found their way onto many menus in Scotland. Should you see it available in a pub or restaurant in Edinburgh, then please do try it. You won’t regret it. 


A mixture of sheep’s offal, onion, seasonings, and oats, which is all normally cooked inside a sheep bladder, Haggis is everywhere in Scotland and just about as traditional as it gets. Served with mashed potatoes and mashed turnips, which the Scottish call “neeps and tatties”, Haggis is hugely popular in the pubs of Edinburgh, with some establishments adding their own twist to it. The World’s End is just one venue known for Haggis, but there are plenty. You’ll be spoilt for choice! 

Fish & Chips

Fish & chips is a British thing really, but they certainly do it well in Edinburgh – in fact, various areas around the UK lay claim to the best fish and chips. It’s a national debate. Still, Edinburgh is right up there when it comes to good quality fish coated in a crispy, light batter. Usually served with mushy peas alongside the chips, it’s a dish you have to try anywhere in the UK, but especially in Scotland and, more specifically, Edinburgh. 

Traditional Scottish Breakfast


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A bowl of cereal or a slice of toast is sufficient for some, but if you’ve got a long day ahead of you, then loading up on a hearty Traditional Scottish Breakfast is ideal. Very similar to an Irish or a UK version of a fried breakfast, the Scottish version includes haggis, a tattle scone and black pudding, alongside the usual sausages, bacon, eggs, mushrooms and a grilled tomato. What is a tattie scone, you ask? It’s a griddle cake made from mashed potatoes and butter. Lovely.

Other dishes worth trying are grouse, porridge, shortbread, cured meat and cheese, and the abundance of fresh fish and lobster on offer. 

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