Review: The Curse Of Elizabeth Faulkner

The Curse Of Elizabeth Faulkner

Every now and then, you see a listing for a show and think to yourself “Yes! This seems to have all the makings of a great show.”

When I saw there was a “Horror farce” featuring an undertaker-turned-gravedigger and the whole thing was being performed in what is essentially a cave under the South Bridge, I felt sure I was in for a real treat.

Sadly however, the anticipation wrote a cheque that this production was never in any danger of cashing.  From the opening scene, it becomes painfully apparent that what you are going to be dealing with for the next hour is something akin to mediocre student drama society fare.

Garbled dialogue, questionable comic timing and continuous “mugging” to an audience (which clearly included friends of the actors, trying to raise laughs where few were merited) were commonplace from start to finish.

Even Neil Henry’s gallant efforts to instill a sense of genuine ACTING to proceedings were constantly derailed by those around him.  In flashes, Tim Downie’s (Peep Show, The King’s Speech) script shows some promise and what few laughs there are (save for those ‘corpsing’ moments where the cast on stage clearly found themselves much funnier than the audience did) came entirely from the words and owed very little to the delivery.

Plot-wise, as the title suggests, it hinges on a plan to dig up a long deceased relative in order to vanquish a curse that has plagued her descendants to an early death – but even that becomes muddied and ultimately uninteresting thanks to the almost entirely unnecessary appearance of a peculiar Peruvian who claims there is also an “idol” buried WITH the body which is also cursed.

By the end, it seems even even the script has given up on itself and the ending, when it arrives, is so disjointed and anticlimactic that it almost seems to be a tiresome parody of itself.


Allan Scott-Douglas

The Curse Of Elizabeth Faulkner.
Just The Tonic at The Caves (Venue 88)
12.40pm until 25th August 2013

Book tickets here

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