The Best Gaming Eatery Joints in Edinburgh


“Who doesn’t love a coffee while gaming!”

In every major city, there are places where people can go to play and dine at the same time, be it crazy golf bars, table tennis pubs or clubs that double as retro arcades.

Then of course there are those joints where gaming is taken more seriously, where suddenly it’s the game that’s the centre of attention rather than the nefarious activities going on around it. Here are some of those such establishments, all with Edinburgh postcodes.

Noughts and Coffees

For just £3.50 each you and your friends can sit in this incredible gaming café all day if you wish and you really will want to when you see their menu, which has everything from coffee nuts to brunch fiends.

They have a wide range of games for their guests to play and there’s even an escape room for people who can’t get enough of the problem-solving action.

Fine Dining Options for Gamers

For those gamers who prefer to have a little wager on the felt of an organised gaming house, there are plenty of options available around Edinburgh and almost all of them have fine dining options attached.

The Charleston Restaurant and Fahrenheit Bar and Grill are just two that come to mind. As you can imagine, it’s difficult to game in a fine dining area, but you can always get sneaky and take advantage of gaming bonuses on your mobile, without attracting too much attention. 


“No matter your game or dish of choice, these establishments have you covered”

Games Hub

Games Hub dubs itself the “original board gaming, card gaming, roleplaying & internet café” not just in Edinburgh, but in the UK, having opened its doors for the first time in 2012.

Perhaps not as chic or hipster orientated as Noughts and Coffees, this place certainly takes its gaming seriously, with a computer room, a dedicated boardgame room as well as a café, which is somewhat more down to earth than its rival’s.

Geek Retreat

For anyone who classes themselves as a gaming geek, this is the place to be. Part of a network of shops strewn across the UK, Geek Retreat allows you to gorge yourself on every game, electronic or board-based, that you could ever wish to get your hands on.

Add to that the fact they sell everything from comics to piping hot paninis and you’ll soon see why nerds everywhere flock to the Retreat.

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