Stingray joins aquariums breeding program

Common stingray


 A female stingray from Newcastle has arrived at Deep Sea World, Scotland’s national aquarium, to join a captive breeding programme for the species.

The stingray, was transported by road inside a specially-adapted tank from the Blue Reef Aquarium in Tynemouth to the North Queensferry wildlife attraction.

After spending time in quarantine the ray, which measures 40cm, will be released in to the aquarium’s 4.5 million litre Underwater Safari to join four other females and a lone male.

Deep Sea World’s Michael Morris said: “This latest arrival will further boost our captive breeding programme.“We now have a total of five adult females, along with the single male, and it’s safe to say the odds are now definitely in his favour.

“It’s now down to him but we’re confident it won’t be long before we start to see signs of breeding. It’s then a question of waiting and hoping but if all goes to plan we should start seeing eggs hatching later this year, ” he added.common stingrays have a gestation period of about four months. Females give birth to anywhere from four to nine live young. The eggs hatch within the mother’s body and the pups are born folded up like a the wild they must immediately fend for themselves and it is believed their tail stings are fully functional from the moment they emerge from their mothers.

Related to sharks, stingrays get their name from the razor-sharp barb on their tails which the animal uses to defend itself when threatened.

Fully grown females can reach lengths of up to two metres and can give birth up to twice per year.

Deep Sea World boasts the largest underwater walkthrough tunnel in the UK. Its main display holds 4.5 million litres of seawater and is home to one of Europe’s largest collections of sharks, as well as 2,000 other fish including rays and crabs.


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