Pristine Hair – Winter Into Spring With Neil Barton

Neil Barton

Keeping Hair In Pristine Condition Going From Winter Into Spring.


The winter weather can be very harsh on our hair leaving it lacklustre, looking dry and feeling brittle. In order to get your hair back in pristine condition going into the warmer months of spring and summer. Investing in moisturising hair care products are key.

Moisturising shampoos and conditioners are great for keeping the hair hydrated at all times. As well as treatment masks which will provide dry hair with the nourishment it needs. It will also help prevent the hair from further damage.

Leave in conditioners are also particularly great to get hair feeling super soft and healthy and I always recommend the KMS Moisture Repair Revival Cream, a leave in conditioner that is light and weightless. The conditioner also replenishes moisture balance and the condition of damaged hair, making it more vibrant and healthier.

Looking after your hair and avoiding being too rough, especially when towel drying and brushing, is also extremely important to help prevent further damage.

When brushing, always be gentle (especially when your hair is wet and most prone to breakage) and use a comb or brush designed to gently detangle wet hair. I’d also recommend using a natural hairbrush as opposed to a synthetic bristle brush, as this will create a glossy finish. Natural bristles will redistribute your natural hair oils, leaving your hair in much better condition and super touchable and swishy.

I also always recommend to clients to try and give their hair a break and avoid using heated styling tools as much as possible and instead experiment with effortless updos such as buns, ponytails and plaits. If you do need to use heated styling tools, always ensure you use a heat protection spray prior to any styling to ensure hair is kept protected at all times.

Lastly, as we go into spring it’s a great time to get a trim and to almost give your hair a ‘fresh start’. Cutting the dead ends of your hair is essential for your hair to grow and look and feel healthy at all times.

Spring is also the perfect time to update your hair colour and give it a fresh new look going into the warmer months. Whether you’re looking for a complete colour transformation, some lowlights or highlights to add depth and dimension to your hair or balayage to give your hair a gorgeous sun-kissed look.

At Neil Barton Hairdressing we are here to help. To start your hair transformation, book an appointment at the salon today by calling 0131 558 8118.

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