New Seal Pups Settling In At Deep Sea World

Benji the seal pup at Tynemouth's Blue Reef Aquarium (1500x843)

A pair of captive-bred seal pups are settling in to their new home at Deep Sea World, Scotland’s national aquarium.

Benji and Cody are half-brothers and were both born at Tynemouth’s Blue Reef Aquarium.

Benji was born on July 5th 2013 and was the first pup to have been bred at the North Tyneside wildlife attraction.

His mum Selina originally came from Norway and dad Marvolo came from Denmark – both of them were also captive bred.

Cody was born in July this year to another female seal called Loffe who also came from Norway. His dad is also Marvolo.

The pair join Deep Sea World’s resident female harbour seals mother and daughter Morag and Heather.

Deep Sea World’s Michael Morris said: “Both Benji and Cody are settling in extremely well to their new home here and they have already made friends with Morag and Heather.

“As soon as they arrived Benji went straight in and kissed one of the girls!  They are both feeding and Benji has already been showing off his jumps and waves.

“As young males it was important they were separated from their father before they got too much older as it could have caused potential tension in the group and we had been looking to expand our seal colony here for a while now.

“Keepers from Tynemouth were on hand to help transport them and introduce them to the girls and I know they will be making regular trips up to see how the pair are progressing,” he added.

Scottish waters are officially home to two species of seal – the common seal and the grey – although occasional visitors also include hooded and harp seals.

Common seals usually live on and around sheltered stretches of coast where they can often be seen on mudflats or sandbanks.

Reaching length of up to two metres common seals are considerably smaller than their grey cousins.

Common seals come ashore in sheltered waters typically on sandbanks and in estuaries but also in rocky areas. They give birth to their pups in June and July and moult in August.

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