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Discover the heritage and history of Glasgow and Edinburgh with A Tale of Two Scottish Cities: a new comic that takes you back in time so you can experience yourself the excitement and ingenuity of two of Scotland’s greatest cities.

To mark the launch of their second hotels in Glasgow and Edinburgh, Jurys Inn Hotels have created the comic as a celebration of each city’s finest achievements dating all the way back to 1136. Who will be guiding us on this antique adventure? None other than the Victorian explorer and Scottish legend Dr David Livingstone!

Hopping aboard Nicola Tesla’s top secret time machine, Dr Livingstone lands next to his own statue in Glasgow’s Cathedral Square where he meets his mischievous future time-travel buddy. Livingstone and his new companion embark on an amusing and education adventure, seeing historical highlights such as Glasgow’s anti-unionists riots, the publication of The Wealth of Nations, and the invention of the telephone, amongst a number of other momentous occasions in the two cities’ past.

After their travels into centuries gone by, Dr Livingstone takes the role of eager tourist as they visit present day Scotland. We see the iconic Edinburgh Festival, the renowned Hampden Park, and the culture-rich West End of Glasgow, with Livingstone suitably stunned by the drastic change!

The pair complete the round trip with a peek at Scotland in the year 2055, where the Old Firm Derby of Rangers vs Celtic takes the shape of a hoverball match, where cars circle the skies, and where Alex Salmond watches over the land as a humongous, dour-looking statue! Whether this is what the future spells for Scotland, we’ll just have to see.

Additionally, the comic was drawn by Andy Fanton, a comic strip artist who made his name on institutions like Private Eye, The Beano, and Viz. Read the comic below:

Tale of Two Cities
The Jurys Inn Tale of Two Cities

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