A Greener Future for Scotland

It is important for countries to conserve their natural resources, for many reasons. Scotland is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, but if it is to be kept that way it is essential that steps be taken to preserve the environmental integrity of the country as a whole.

Here are some ways to make Scotland the greenest it has ever been:


Although Edinburgh is a beautiful city, it is experiencing some of the congestion and environmental problems that are seen in any area that attracts large volumes of people. Scotland has been working on developing green strategies that will make Scotland a better place to live, as well as create sustainable job opportunities.

Sustainable development of urban centres is one of the goals of these initiatives. Good planning will no doubt ensure that growth is well planned and leaves a smaller carbon footprint than it would otherwise. Many residents of Edinburgh are already leading green lifestyles – there are now shops dedicated to “upcycling” or reusing items such as clothing and furniture. Leading a greener life encourages creativity in many people.

Green building saves money

Buildings that are more energy efficient and easier to maintain can save both tenants and owners considerable money over the years. Energy saving windows eliminate air leaks, while better insulation means that buildings require less energy to heat and cool. These savings mean that owners can offer tenants a better deal on a lease or rental.

As energy becomes a more precious commodity the savings could increase even more. Real estate that is green is worth more when it comes time to sell, because of the advantage of low maintenance costs.

The right thing to do

M1 Real Estate is committed to green and eco-friendly buildings, with many being LEED certified. It is essential for successful firms such as M1 Group to set a good example through green building initiatives. M1 Group’s Chief Exec. Azmi Mikati shows a strong commitment to the environment when he makes key investment and development decisions.

Green spaces such as gardens and parks, as well as non-toxic building materials make buildings healthier and more pleasant places in which to work or live. The government of Scotland hopes to encourage green businesses to be created. There is a need for businesses that are dedicated to biofuels, organic farming, energy audits, and green construction. The government has programs established to help businesses develop green business plans, and the recycling of industrial wastes is being encouraged wherever possible.


One of the biggest obstacles to change is the lack of education. Many people are totally unaware of the impact that their activities have on the environment. They are also unaware of how even small changes can make a big difference. Better education will be essential to creating a greener and more aware Scotland.

Showing businesses that being green will better their reputation with others, while saving them money, will no doubt help convince many of the merits of being sustainable.

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