Giving your local Edinburgh business a fresh new look

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Local entrepreneurs and business owners listen up; there has never been a better time to invest in your own business in Edinburgh.

Although it’s certainly true that London boasts its fair share of big brands and start-ups, numerous cities on both sides of the border, Edinburgh included, are catching up and experiencing rapid growth and development. Indeed, Scotland’s capital is frequently ranked among the UK’s best destinations for business, inspiring local talents to snap up spaces in and around the city centre.

So, what is it about Edinburgh that attracts so much talent? Location, vibrant atmosphere, and opportunities aside, one of the Edinburgh’s biggest attractions is its ability to reinvent itself, and to encourage an attitude of rejuvenation among its businesses; this keenness to adapt, and to approach the changing seasons with a fresh new look is vital for any business hoping to flourish in an ever-changing world. Rejuvenation and reinvention are the keys to business success, and we can tell you how to go about giving your local business a fresh new look.

The best ways to refresh your local business

While it’s important to retain the heart of your brand so that customers recognise and trust your services and products, giving your Scottish business a fresh new look from time to time is a great way to show people that you’re invested in your company. It also illustrates that you’re keen to engage with the public in new ways – as well as introducing your business to an entirely different audience.

Reinvention is also a fantastic way to boost staff morale, maintain a positive company culture, and to instil a sense of pride in your business; a company allowed to go stale will seldom inspire such enthusiasm as those willing and able to create a fresh new look when the mood takes them.

Listed below are just some of the avenues of rejuvenation you could explore, depending upon the kind of business you’re currently operating.

Storefronts and merchandising in your retail business

Giving your local Edinburgh businesses a fresh new look is a great move if you’re looking to attract more customers into your retail business, restaurant, or bar; the heart of your company may remain the same, but exciting alterations to your store windows, displays, and literature will be capable of taking your business in entirely new directions.

Consider subtle alterations to your business’s decor and exterior kerb appeal, such as refreshed paintwork, new colour schemes, and rejuvenated signage. You could also introduce a new window display that highlights seasonal merchandise or menus you’re looking to sell, and redesigned posters, leaflets, and advertisements that demonstrate your ability to invest in your business – and your aspirations to be bigger and better. The New Year is a great time to make any changes you’ve been dreaming about, and to show off what you’re capable of; go for it in style.

Reinventing your office space

Giving your business a fresh new look may be a great way to inspire new customers through the door, but it’s also vital for boosting productivity and inspiring creativity. Office renovation has long been recognised as a successful way to enhance employee performance; team members will be stimulated by a change of scenery, while those spending any time in your office will no doubt appreciate your willingness to refresh your working environment. There are some easy, yet effective ways to alter your office’s appearance.

These include redecorating the space using a new colour palette, replacing old furniture with stylish, ergonomically designed pieces, and making the most of natural light to encourage a sense of well being among your team. Decorative shutters are a fantastic addition to offices with windows of any size, allowing businesses to effectively control the flow of light and air around the office and bring a little of the outdoors in. Shutters can also help your business to vastly reduce its energy bills and carbon footprint, simply by adding a little insulation or air conditioning depending upon the weather.

Keeping up online appearances

Regardless of what your bricks and mortar business looks like one of the easiest ways to refresh your image is to update your website.

A business’s website is often a customer’s first port of call, and so it’s essential that your online presence is doing you justice. Are there any broken links that need fixing? Is your site quick to load and easy to navigate? Have you used images to their full potential? Changes to your website must show customers and potential associates that you’re invested in your company’s image and keen to keep things fresh.

Consider changing your site’s template to one that’s more contemporary, choose an updated header image to showcase your business’s new services or products, make links to social media and blogging platforms more apparent to encourage interactivity and have a play with content so that customers re-engage with your website. You may also like to think about colours and imagery, but don’t stray too far from your company’s online identity.

We hope that this article has inspired you to think about giving your local company a fresh new look this year, or motivated you to find your own corner of Edinburgh’s growing business scene. The city’s wonderful sense of community and pride in its local talent continues to set Edinburgh apart from other European capitals, and we’re looking forward to seeing where 2017 will take us all.


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