Edinburgh’s Top Podcasts of 2020


Edinburgh is more than just a beautiful place to live. It’s also a prime destination for talent – primarily in the digital realm. We’re talking about podcasts, which have become one of the world’s most popular forms of entertainment. 

There are tons of quality shows just waiting to be discovered. One estimate says there are currently about 850,000 podcasts on the web. This means no matter what you’re interested in, be it athletics, academics, or anything else, you can likely find a show to follow. 

When you live in Edinburgh, you don’t have to go too far to find some of the world’s best podcasts. These shows not only offer great entertainment, but they give Edinburgh residents the satisfaction of supporting content made at home. 

5 Edinburgh Podcasts to Check Out 

1. “A Scottish Podcast” – The Audio Drama Series

This podcast capitalizes on one of the things that makes Edinburgh such an enjoyable place to live – the interesting sights surrounding it. Chronicling the adventures of Lee, this show is about exploration. From navigating through the city’s underground catacombs to sailing out to nearby islands, this podcast lets you experience these incredible sights right along with the main character.

There’s also plenty of content to keep you entertained since this particular podcast was started four years ago. While the theme is mainly paranormal investigation, it’s also an interesting glimpse into the present and past of Edinburgh. 

2. ENRG Sport Podcast


The slow and steady growth of podcasting over the last decade appears to have reached critical mass this year. Podcasting can be done on a variety of topics. Even if you’re just getting started podcasting on your chosen subject, from food or sports to gaming. It’s easy to build a fast following if you’re informed, passionate, and professional.

One thing many people are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about is sports. Not only does this podcast cover the news of Scottish teams in sports like football, it also provides more detailed episodes covering entire seasons of sports, individual players, and updates to league rules and policies.

For Edinburgh residents who like to keep up with foreign sports, there are even episodes covering organizations like the NFL, or international events like the Olympics. No matter your interests, if they fall under the umbrella of sports, this is definitely a show to check out.

 3. Edinburgh Celebrates Darwin

Maybe one of your main interests is science. If so, listen in as Edinburgh broadcasts a show dedicated to one of biology’s best and most celebrated minds. Since releasing the Origin of Species, Darwin has been a mainstay across countless schools and universities.

This show explores the ideas behind evolution and how they relate to topics such as the human genome, language, music, and much more. The podcast also features several highly respected academics including Professor Dorothy Crawford, Dr. Simon Kirby, Professor Paul Sharp, and many others. As living beings evolve, so does podcasting, so come celebrate science with other like-minded individuals. 

4. Enlightenment Lectures

Keeping with the trend of using podcasts for academic purposes, the topics go beyond just science. Maybe you’re more a fan of history and philosophy? If so, check out this one from the University of Edinburgh covering one of the world’s most important periods and how it still impacts the world today.

From the evolution of human rights to the impact of technology and even health tips, this podcast is an entertaining show for any intellectual. This is another podcast that has plenty of episodes for you to check out, as it started six years ago. 

5. The Empire Film Podcast

We wrap up the list with a podcast based around another one of the world’s top interests – film. A podcast by Empire, the world’s largest film magazine, this podcast talks about a variety of topics from individual films to the general happenings of Hollywood.

Whether you’re looking to talk about trailers, hear interviews from your favorite actors, or discuss some of the film industry’s tried and true tropes, this is one podcast you don’t want to miss. 

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