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Discover Edinburgh’s Past with Pass It On Cooking Tips from the 1950’s

Do you ever wonder what Edinburgh might have been like during the 1950s? While WW2 had officially ended five years earlier in September 1945, the 1950s for Scotland and the UK was largely a period of recovery. Cities needed to be rebuilt and lives resumed. Rationing was still largely in place until the mid-50s, which greatly impacted the food available in Scottish kitchens.

Scottish housewives needed to overcome a distinct set of challenges to make delicious, wholesome family meals. They avidly collected recipes from magazines like People’s Friend, People’s Journal, and Sunday Post and swapped tips (as well as gossip) over cups of tea. Some of these tips even made their way into well-known magazines – a great source of pride for Edinburgh women.

Pass It On – Cooking Tips from the 1950s celebrates the culinary hardships and triumphs of local women during the 50s. It offers readers a fascinating look into Edinburgh and Scotland’s past by featuring some of the best recipes and readers’ tips from this decade, from the best French toast recipes to pointers on how to keep cheese fresh and everything in-between.

Keep reading for a taste of some of the classic recipes that graced Scottish tables during the 50s.


Ready to get cooking? Throw on your apron and head to DC Thomson, where you’ll find more 1950s Recipes and Cooking Tips. This article features weird and wonderful recipes like calf’s foot broth and jellied surprise salad as well as classic comfort food recipes like cauliflower cheese and French toast, and offers a unique look into Edinburgh and Scotland’s distinct culinary past.

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