Differences in food in Scotland compared to America


If you think about it, there really isn’t much that connects Scotland to America!

Interestingly, you can fit Scotland into America approximately 122 times despite the fact that the way the two countries go about life is pretty different. One thing however, that springs to mind that connects the pair of countries is their patriotism- both are proud of who they are and where they’ve come from and they are not afraid to show it.

There was even a famous film about Scotland and their patriotic history with American actors playing the lead parts. One thing is though, despite having their differences, both are very fond of their food and have some unique items that have some very acquired tastes.

If you ever plan to taste some of America’s greatest foods make sure you go on esta-visa.org.uk to fill out your required visa that will help you get through the US Department of Homeland security. With that said, let’s take a look at some of their audacious meals…

  • Scotch Broth vs Brunswick Stew

    Two popular dishes that are often consumed in the colder seasons, Scotch broth enjoyed all around the Scottish lands and Brunswick stew popular in the southern part of America.Both look rather similar, but they are rather different.Scotch broth is a filling soup that comes close to a stew; the ingredients can be made up from beef or lamb, vegetables, dried pulses and others.Whereas Brunswick stew contains tomatoes, lima beans, corn, vegetables and a variation of other meats.These dishes are considered very popular and well-loved in their respective countries. They are made for the same purpose, to keep warm and to fill those empty stomachs.

  • Battered Mars Bar vs Corn Dog
    It seems you can have anything smothered in batter in Scotland, chocolate bars, burgers and anything edible really.

    And corn dogs are a similarly unhealthy snack and can be referred to as the equivalent to the Scottish battered snack.But battered Mars bars are a tradition in Scotland, don’t ask me why it has to be Mars but that seems to be the norm and it is a firm favourite snack.Over the water, the Americans similarly can’t get enough Corn dogs which contain a sausage covered in a thick layer of cornmeal batter. Speaking from personal experience, I have tried these and believe me when I say they are an acquired taste!

  • Haggis vs London Broil
    Haggis seems to intimidate many food lovers purely because of what is in it- heart, liver and lung.While this doesn’t take the fancy of many individuals elsewhere, in Scotland, it seems like a national treasure and if you can get past the ingredients, it’s a rather nice and can brilliant concoction in a burger.In America, the residents go crazy over London broil which is where the beef is made by broiling or grilling marinated beef.Even though it originated in England, it was glorified in the Sates and is a common occurrence in the every meat eating family household.


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