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Colin Cloud Mind Reading

Colin Cloud bills himself as a ‘forensic mind reader’. Wondering what on earth a forensic mind reader is? Well, join the club…

Presented in one of Edinburgh’s best kept secrets, the stunning Point Hotel Sky Bar on Bread Street, the audience are treated to an engaging and often bewildering evening’s entertainment from Scotland’s answer (or perhaps heir apparent) to Derren Brown.

Like Derren Brown, Colin Cloud makes no claim to be psychic or indeed (despite the billing) a mind reader. Instead, he is a master of deduction and has an uncanny ability to read micro-gestures that his subjects aren’t even aware they are displaying.

In such a way, he manages to (albeit, not without occasional miss-fires) accurately predict and decipher various pieces of information supplied by even the most cynical of audience members. With ‘how did he do that’ moments aplenty, Cloud finely balances his incredible Sherlock Holmes-esque detection skills with some very neat and well-judged comedic moments – helping to get most of the audience on side fairly quickly.

My only real criticism would be that, with such a small audience, using the same person over and over again, whilst seemingly intentionally avoiding others, gives rise to the unhelpful notion of ‘plants’ . That, and I would suggest revealing someone’s banking PIN number in front of a live audience is more than a little irresponsible…

Speaking to the man himself after the show, he informed me that his vision is to have a regular, perhaps weekly show in the Edinburgh area. Whether there is enough of an audience in one place to make this work, or whether a show like this is destined to always be on the move, remains to be seen – but certainly, word of mouth will play a big part in either case.

Forensic? Not remotely.  Mind reader? By his own admission, absolutely not.

Entertaining and worthy of a look the next time he’s in you area?  Without a shadow of a doubt! Believers and cynics alike – give it a go!

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