Edinburgh Mountain Film Festival (EMFF)

Edinburgh Mountain Film Festival

Edinburgh Mountain Film Festival

The Edinburgh Mountain Film Festival celebrated it’s 11th year in 2014 and moved away from its old October slot and is now set to woo audiences in a February slot around Valentine’s Day.

The line up is always irresistible, leaving its many love-struck fans swooning with excitement!

Over the years the EMFF has built a strong reputation as a fun, lively, enlightening and inspiring event, suitable for all of the family and it continues to build on that trend.

Web site: http://www.edinburghmountainff.com/

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    Celia Jenkins, February 17, 2014 9:28 am business - Edinburgh Mountain Film Festival (EMFF)

    This Valentine’s Day I spent a wonderful evening at the 11th Edinburgh Mountain Film Festival, held at George Square Theatre, University of Edinburgh. I do not have a specific interest in outdoor sports and adventure, but I really enjoyed the three short films and one feature film shown: ‘Deeper Than Snow’ (snowboarding); ‘It’s A Dogs Life’ (snowboarder pulled along by two Huskeys); ‘Cascada’ (whitewater kayaking in Mexico’s rainforest); and ‘The Last Great Climb’ (mountain climbing in Antarctica).

    While watching the films it became apparent that, even though they cover different sports, several themes were recurring:

    – The films do not just focus on the actual sport and the environment it takes place in, but also the people who do them. In fact, I believe this is a vital aspect of the films – finding out why people do it, i.e. their motivations, how they cope with hardship and fear, and what choices they make. In many cases, the films tell a story and you want to find out about the people and what they do next. I wanted them to succeed in achieving their goals.

    – These are solitary activities, but they are not done alone. This is even the case with the man and two Huskeys! There is a lot of camaraderie and team work, with these experiences being shared and challenges being faced together. Each person has a particular skill which everyone, not just yourself, is dependent on.

    – The sport and spirit of adventure is a way of life. In fact, they can’t see life without it, whether it is snowboarding, kayaking, mountaineering or any other sport. They are trying to work with nature, which can be at times brutal, and in so doing they have to respect it, educate themselves about it and learn from it. The reasons people do what they do are also the reasons to be fearful!
    You need to know your limits, but you always try to push your limits a little further. It is all about making calculated risks and surviving. Indeed, one of the mountain climbers on film said that real life is too safe, sanitized and complicated. On the mountain he can focus on one thing.
    Another common feeling is that doing what they do makes them feel alive and free.

    – All the films have some level of humour in them. Maybe this is just because you need this to get through the fear, the weather conditions, the danger!

    – Some mind games with yourself are needed. You cannot let feelings of fear or failure envelop you. You must think everything will be fine.

    – Of course, you get to see parts of the world you would not normally see and experience. The camera work is so brilliant that it goes along way to giving the viewer an idea of what it would actually feel like being there. The music also really adds to the viewing experience.

    In all, I really enjoyed the evening, which included a small exhibition and a raffle in aid of the Mountain Rescue Committee of Scotland. It provided a fascinating insight into what it means to have such a spirit of adventure and love of what you do. I learnt alot about human nature in such beautiful but also harsh environments. It was wonderful to see such stories portrayed on film.

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