Careers In Edinburgh: A Look At Booming Industries

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Many would suggest that Edinburgh is the economic powerhouse of Scotland, especially after it was labelled the best place to live in the whole of the United Kingdom according to a study conducted by the Royal Mail.

Factors such as low unemployment rates and good rates of pay were taken into account, with another positive being that Edinburgh possesses some booming industries which are ideal for those looking to get their careers underway.

One of the first industries that requires close attention is that of technology. The UK tech sector is booming right now, regardless of Brexit, and this is a trend which looks set to continue for a long while to come. This has been underlined by many companies in the UK excelling and winning various awards like InTouch Games for example. However, Edinburgh has been named as the most attractive location in Europe for tech businesses and is recognised as a tech hub on a global scale, so it’s definitely the place to be.

As the tech sector can be broken down into multiple industries, it is game development which is ideal for anyone looking to get a career started in Edinburgh. You no longer have to work for the biggest and best game development companies to enjoy a great career in this field, with many indie studios out there producing fantastic content for PC, console and mobile players to enjoy. It’s a sector which is growing rapidly, regularly winning awards too.

The United Kingdom committed itself to producing 15% of its entire energy from renewable energy sources by 2020, therefore making this an industry that is prime for career opportunities. With the spotlight on the industry to ensure targets are met, it has seen the sector boom like never before. Wind energy is well and truly at the heart of what many would describe as the renewable’s revolution, and therefore there’s a need for engineers and the like. The renewables sector is also ideal for anyone who is looking for a change in career too, especially those with experience in aerospace, marine, automotive and even defence.

There’s also been a big push when it comes to improving the infrastructure of the railway system within the UK. It’s the perfect industry for people to kick start or accelerate their careers in, especially in Edinburgh, where the railway system and infrastructure is again in focus. There’s been in excess of 100 million working hours opened up since the beginning of the work on the railways, and this has seen hundreds of careers born. It’s an industry that is consistently thriving and therefore there’s always a need for staff in multiple areas of the business.

Edinburgh really is the ideal place to get a career off to a great start, or to even breathe fresh life into one that may have gone slightly stale. Other sectors such as agriculture, tourism, food and drink and fishing are also on the up, prime for everyone to get involved in. There’s also a huge demand for IT and medical professionals too, making Edinburgh the perfect location for determined go getters.


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